Siding in Pittsburgh is a top company for residential exterior installations and replacements in the greater Pittsburgh area. We work with cedar, vinyl, james hardie, and aluminum siding. All of our products and services are offered at affordable prices with top-notch customer service.

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Residential Siding Contractors

Siding in Pittsburgh offers residential and corporate siding installation. We have extensive experience with both remodeling and new construction work. We base our entire company around our two main values:

– We are fully committed to providing the Pittsburgh area with the best installation services in the industry.
– We do everything in our power to be fully transparent about expenses as we provide best-in-class service for our clients.

Here at Siding in Pittsburgh, we are proud of our reputation and will gladly share the feedback we receive from our customers.

Some major advantages of working with Pittsburgh Siding include:

Full Reliability

– Siding in Pittsburgh is one of the top contracting companies in the Greater Pittsburgh Area. We offer high-quality craftsmanship in the areas of commercial real estate improvement, high-quality home renovation, and new construction.
– Every single one of our employees is well-trained and highly capable. Whatever your exterior goals, we can help you achieve them.
– Our team has every tool and material necessary—you don’t need to worry about a thing.
– We keep to strict deadlines and stringent schedules, no matter the size or complexity of the project.
– Additional construction services are available—our crew has an impressive range of skills.
– We will complete your project on time and within the financial limits set.
– We offer materials in a wide range of colors, appealing to every style.
– If you are in the market for high-quality, low-maintenance siding, we can bring that to you. From fiber cement to vinyl, we have the connections you need.
– The experts here at Siding in Pittsburgh are always on hand to answer any questions you have about materials, styles, and the installation process. Don’t hesitate to ask!
– Each and every team member takes great pride in the work of our company and stands behind the products that we use.
– As a local company, we are never far away and can help you with questions and repairs down the road.

When you work with Siding In Pittsburgh, you can relax and know that your exterior construction is in good hands. We pride ourselves on our efficiency—providing top quality work in record setting time. We are particularly well recognized for our work on single and multifamily homes (residential siding), though we also have significant experience with commercial construction as well. Our cutting-edge tools and materials, combined with the remarkable skill and training of our crews, combine to make a remarkably high-quality and efficient siding project—one that stays on schedule and within budget.

There are many benefits to having new siding installed on your home:

– Real estate value is increased.
– Pleasing updates to the appearance of your home.
– Increased amount of free time as you are no longer required to provide such care for your exterior.
– Peace of mind knowing that your investment in a new exterior will serve you well in the long term.
– Confidence in your choice of hiring a well-qualified, fully licensed company to install your new exterior.

Initial installation of a new exterior can be quite difficult. With Siding in Pittsburgh, you won’t even have to think about the process! Our experts can have your brand new siding installed in no time at all. Our wonderful, highly-trained team is always glad to share their expertise and craft a beautiful exterior that will last for years to come.


Advantages of Pittsburgh Siding:

– As one of the top-ranked exterior installation companies in the Pittsburgh area, we are proud to serve home and business owners all around and outside of the city. From Pittsburgh to Mount Lebanon to Edgeworth and beyond, Siding in Pittsburgh is the best company for the job.
– Siding in Pittsburgh hires only the best, so all of our installation crews are well prepared to tackle and job, from small scale homes to large scale commercial buildings.
– Our high-quality tools and materials are offered in a wide variety of styles, colors, and textures, so we can make your design dreams possible.
– Whatever material you are looking to use, we are highly familiar with it. We have experts on staff in materials including cedar, vinyl, aluminum, fiber cement, stone, LP siding, and more. Not only can we install any one of these siding materials, we can install them in any combination you can think of.
– We go above and beyond industry standards, bringing you the best possible work at all turns.
– Siding in Pittsburgh is the highest-quality option for anyone on the hunt for installation of new, top-notch exterior.
– Since we are a local company, we are never far away if you have questions or concerns.

Why should Pittsburgh Siding be your installation contractor of choice?

– Working with Siding in Pittsburgh means working with a local company and local people, supporting your neighbors in addition to receiving the best possible siding installation in the region.
– Siding in Pittsburgh employs a large number of highly-trained crews, so there is always a team available to get started on your project.
– Siding in Pittsburgh is able to install brand new siding on private homes, townhouses, and condos.
– Every single employee at Siding in Pittsburgh takes pride in the work that we do and keeps up with the demanding schedules of commercial construction projects.
– Siding in Pittsburgh is well-equipped with the tools and knowledge to successfully complete any project, large or small.
– Siding in Pittsburgh has years of experience in restoring heritage buildings. WE are able to update and repair these structures in a manner so seamless, you won’t be able to see the difference between the old and new work!
– Siding in Pittsburgh hires well-qualified exterior construction experts. Our clients can have complete peace of mind and know that the service they receive is the best in the business.
– Siding in Pittsburgh crafts detailed, highly accurate building plans based off of the blueprints of your home or building.
– We install environmentally conscious materials at your request.
– Siding in Pittsburgh offers every potential client a free quote. We will send one of our team members out to your site to appraise the work and draw up an estimate of cost and length of the project. We will fax or email this quote to you without any expectations or obligations.
– Our largest source of publicity is word-of-mouth recommendations from our previous customers.
– At Siding in Pittsburgh, we are always improving customer service and we always have an expert standing by to answer any of your questions and address any of your exterior needs.

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Our testimonials

"Amazing Job!"

We could not have had a better team of people working on our home’s exterior! I am so grateful for everyone at Siding in Pittsburgh and the work they put into making our home beautiful once again. The company’s owners were wonderful to work with and made sure that my husband and I were kept up to date with the project’s progress. Our particular situation did not make for a particularly easy project, as our house is quite close to our neighbor’s. The crew handles the proximity beautifully! They did a wonderful job all the way around. The house looks great, the project was completed on time, and we stayed within our budget. Thanks Siding in Pittsburgh!

Taylor L.

"Thank you, Siding in Pittsburgh!"

Before we replaced our siding, it was looking pretty shabby. The boards were more than 35 years old, and it was definitely time for an update. I did research on siding contractors in the area and got quotes from a number of companies. Siding in Pittsburgh gave me the best quote by a long shot. They sent one of their top teams out to our property, getting started the very next day! I was so impressed. Their pricing was very reasonable, and all of their workers were friendly and kind. Thanks so much to everyone at Siding in Pittsburgh!

Jacob S.

"Fantastic people to work with"

Siding in Pittsburgh should be the model for customer service in construction. The owner went through all of my options with me and was extremely kind and patient. I was on a tight budget, but it didn’t seem to matter—I still got top-quality service. We brainstormed and decided that it would be best to replace the two most damaged walls right now and the others in a few years when I have a bit more money to spend. Overall it was a wonderful experience. I highly recommend Siding in Pittsburgh!

Micah D.

"Impressive customer service, high-quality work"

Siding in Pittsburgh replaced our sorry, old siding with beautiful new James Hardie paneling. The owner was wonderful to work with and extremely patient as we deliberated over color, texture, and style. Once we finally decided what we wanted, the Siding in Pittsburgh crew was out at our house taking down the old siding in a matter of hours. It was amazing! Installing new siding is something of a lengthy process, but it was never a bother for our family. The site was cleaned up every day and every single one of the workers was great.

Christina G.